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Income Tax Return filing | Tax Audit & Transfer Price | Taxation Structuring and Compliances | Income Tax Assessment |

Income Tax Consultant.

ITR filing is mandatory for every person if their income exceeds the basic exemption limit

  • Tax to be paid on income earned during Financial Year
  • Due date to file ITR depends on the type taxpayer’s Tax
  • Tax can be paid in Advance, deducted at source, or self-assessment
  • Return can be filed through an Income Tax Consultant



    Looking for customized UAE Corporate Tax training in Dubai? Gain a comprehensive understanding of UAE Corporate Tax regime, learn about deductible expenses and disallowances, and familiarize yourself with tax rules related to corporate tax returns. Ensure compliance, optimize your tax position, and develop the necessary skills to implement the UAE Corporate Law in your business. Contact us for tailored training solutions to meet your specific needs.

    Programme Objectives

    Changes in the international and UAE tax landscape affect your businesses' tax obligations. These changes include the introduction of the Corporate Tax in UAE, OECD’s BEPS Pillar 2, and Transfer Pricing regulations. The objective is to provide training to the tax and corporate professionals engaged in the industry on the evolving tax landscape which will enable expert support required for the business along with managing tax risks and effectively contributing to business strategy, from a tax perspective. The participants are expected to understand and appreciate the nuances of the recent updates on taxes and assess the impact on their business and tax obligations in the short term and long term.

    Target Audience:

    • Corporate tax professionals and consultants
    • Finance and accounting professionals
    • Legal advisors and professionals
    • Business owners and entrepreneurs
    • Individuals involved in international business transactions in the UAE

    UAE Corporate Tax

    Gain a basic understanding of the UAE Corporate Tax principles & taxation concepts. Key areas to be covered includes the following:

    • Overview of UAE Corporate Tax Law
    • Taxable and Exempt Persons

      ○ Determining who is a Taxable Person and Exempt Person
      ○ Administrative procedures to be exempt from UAE Corporate tax.
      ○ Categories of entities under ‘Exempt Person’
      ○ Calculation of Taxable Income (for certain income earned by Exempt Persons)

    Taxable Income, Exempt Income, and deductible expenses

    • Evaluation of Corporate Tax treatment on various revenue streams, considering provisions relating to Taxable Income and Exempt Income
    • Deductibility of various expenses, under the UAE CT Law, especially with regard to prohibited expenses, and interest deduction limitation
    • Tax impact on losses can be set off and carried forward prior to and after post introduction of corporate tax.
    • Filing of Return of income

    Related party transactions and Transfer pricing documentation

    • Identification of Connected persons and Related parties and transactions with such parties.
    • Transfer pricing benchmarking
    • Deductibility of various expenses, under the UAE CT Law with respect to related party payments.

    Basics of Corporate Tax Accounting
    • Basics of Corporate Tax Planning
    • Taxation of foreign income and foreign tax credit

    • Tax treatment of foreign sourced income and ability to claim relief of overseas taxes against UAE Corporate Tax
    • Tax implication on foreign branch income

    International Tax

    Address the fundamental building blocks of those parts of domestic income tax systems that deal with cross-border investment and income flows. Key areas to be covered includes the following:

    • Overview of International Bodies on Taxation
    • Methods of relief against double taxation
    • Key provisions and interpretation of UAE Tax Treaties with important trade partners such as the UK, USA, Singapore, India, Saudi Arabia
    • Overview of trade partners' tax landscape and latest developments
    • Global Minimum tax - BEPS pillar 2 and the impact on tax jurisdictions

    Transfer Pricing (TP)

    Address the importance of transfer pricing, the legal framework, and the practical application of the arm's length principle by way of a value. Key areas to be covered includes the following:

    • OECD and UN approach to transfer pricing
    • TP rules in GCC and implementations status
    • TP methods and compliance
    • TP in the context of Customs legislation and withholding taxes.
    • Legislative evolutions around TP
    • Transfer Pricing and Business Restructuring
    • Operational Transfer Pricing

    Customize your Corporate Tax Training with us!

    We can customize our training plan to cover all or either of the following areas:

    • Help enhance your overall awareness about the Corporate Tax Regulations, along with the latest updates and changes
    • Managing deductible expenses/disallowances to minimize your Tax Liability and ensuring compliance with UAE Corporate Tax regulations
    • Guidance on filing corporate tax returns under the UAE Corporate Tax regime

    Join us for the UAE Corporate Tax Training and equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to navigate the intricacies of UAE corporate tax law effectively.

    Income Tax

    Welcome to Sorting Tax Advisory Services Private Limited, where we offer expert services in the sectors of income tax services through our experts. That's why we're here to help. Our team of experienced tax professionals is dedicated to providing you with personalized service and expert guidance to help you navigate the ever-changing Income tax landscape. Whether you're an individual or a company owner, we have the expertise and resources to help you meet your income tax obligations and achieve your financial goals. So, let us take the burden of tax compliance off your shoulders, and help you stay focused on what you do best growing your business and advancing your career.
    Our income tax services are designed to help individuals and businesses comply with tax laws and regulations while ascertaining right tax liability.
    Our experienced team of tax professionals will work with you to ensure that you meet all your tax obligations. We understand that navigating the complex world of different taxes like Income Tax, International Tax Services, UAE Corporate Tax and Mergers & Acquisition Tax Services, can be a challenging task for busy professionals.

    International Tax

    Welcome to Sorting Tax Advisory Services Private Limited, where we offer expert services in the sectors of International Tax Services. We understand that navigating the complexities of international tax laws can be challenging for businesses and individuals alike, and that's why our team of experienced professionals is here to help. With our comprehensive knowledge of international tax regulations, we can provide tailored solutions to help you optimize your tax planning, ascertaining right tax liabilities, and ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. Whether you're an individual with international assets, an expatriate living abroad, or a business with cross-border operations, we have the expertise and resources to help you achieve your tax objectives. So, whether you need assistance with tax planning, compliance, or dispute resolution, we are here to provide you with the highest level of service and support. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, international tax has become a critical component of financial management for businesses operating across borders. Our international tax experts can help you navigate the complexities of cross-border tax laws and optimize your global tax strategy. We also provide income tax services, UAE Corporate Tax, and Mergers & Acquisition Tax Services through our experts.

    UAE Corporate Tax

    At Sorting Tax Advisory Services Private Limited, our team of experts provides specialized services in the field of UAE Corporate tax and, International Tax Services. We recognize that managing the complex structure of newly inserted UAE Corporate Tax can be a daunting task for busy professionals. We offer our expertise to assist you in navigating this complex world of taxes. We are here to provide our assistance. We offer corporate tax services tailored specifically to meet the needs of businesses operating in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We understand the importance of compliance and ascertaining the right tax liabilities in today's fast-paced business environment. With our team of tax experts, we offer comprehensive tax solutions that are designed to help businesses navigate the complex tax laws in the UAE and ascertaining right tax liability. Whether you are a small business owner or a large multinational corporation, we can help you stay compliant and optimize your tax position in the UAE by managing the tax compliance for you. The UAE has a rapidly evolving tax system, with new laws and regulations being introduced on a regular basis. Our team of experts can help you stay compliant with local tax laws and regulations, while ascertaining right tax liability.

    Mergers & Acquisition

    Sorting Tax Advisory Services Private Limited is a firm of specialized experts in the field of Mergers & Acquisition Tax Services. Hence, we extend our professional assistance to help you navigate through the complexities of tax compliance. Here we are committed to providing you with the necessary guidance and support to meet your tax compliance requirements. We provide comprehensive tax services for mergers and acquisitions. Mergers and acquisitions are complex transactions that require careful planning and execution to ensure maximum value and ascertaining right tax liability. Our team of experienced tax professionals dedicatedly provides expert guidance and assistance throughout the entire M&A process, from due diligence to post-transaction integration. We understand that every M&A transaction is unique and requires a tailored approach to tax planning and compliance. With our in-depth knowledge of tax laws and regulations, we can help our clients navigate the complexities of M&A taxation and achieve their goals.

    Mergers and acquisitions can be complex and challenging transactions. Our team of M&A experts can provide:-

    • Corporate Structuring • Inbound Investment
    • Outbound Investment • Succession Planning
    • Post Transaction Services • Foreign Direct Investment

    We also provide specialized services in different sectors of taxation including income tax services, International Tax Services, UAE Corporate Tax.



    Income Tax Services offered by team of Sorting tax

    circle 1 Income Tax Return filing

    Sorting tax team, as ITR consultants, assist in preparation, review and filing income tax returns of companies, firms as well as high net worth individuals, both Indian and foreign. The ITR consultant are tax specialist in income tax, international tax. We offer income tax services for Tax Compliance and Tax Advisory and also provides tax optimisation based on laws on matters related to domestic and international tax

    Income Tax Return filing
    circle 2 Tax Audit & Transfer Price

    As ITR filing consultants, we provide services in connection with preparation, review and filing of Tax Audit, preparation of Income tax return on behalf of companies and other entities. Transfer Pricing benchmarking, compliances and Transfer Pricing documentation for the international transaction. Mergers and Acquisitions planning, compliances and documentation.

    Tax Audit & Transfer Price
    circle 3 Taxation Structuring and Compliances

    Corporate Tax Structuring Services i.e. Identifying tax implications of investment by foreign companies in India with specific emphasis on:

    • Capital Structure Planning​
    • Acquisition Structure, if any​
    • Impact of tax on Business Model
    • Profit/Cash repatriation, Exit strategies /Overseas investment vehicles.
    • Implications on other related parties and other transaction
    Taxation and Compliances
    circle 4 Income Tax Assessment

    As an Income tax advisor, we provide Tax Litigation services and assistance in preparing and filing of the submission before the tax authorities. Further, we help in obtaining Lower Deduction Certificate u/s 197 i.e. If the total income of the taxpayer requires deduction of income tax at lower / nil rate, we assist them in applying for the lower withholding certificate in Form 13.

    Income Tax Assessment

    Why choose Sorting Tax for Income Tax Service?

    Sorting Tax’s team works closely with you to understand your business and provide customized income tax solutions to cater to your specific needs. Our income tax consultants plans their work to meet deadlines and minimize any penalties on you for non-compliance with statutory requirements. We take care of your taxes, while you focus and grow your business.




    Participation Exemption – UAE CT Update

    Introduction to Participation Exemption The UAE has introduced a new


    Transitional Rules- UAE Corporate Tax Update

    The update regarding UAE Corporate Tax's Transitional Rules lists the


    Clubbing of Income of Spouse

    Introduction The idea of clubbing of income of a spouse


    Accounting Standards – UAE CT Update

    Introduction to Accounting Standards  The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has


    Clubbing of Income of Minor

    Introduction: There may be instances where a person may be


    Clubbing of Income from gift

    Introduction to clubbing of income from gift Clubbing of income



    Who all are required to file ITR in India?

    As per the Indian Tax laws every person, having income exceeding the exemption limit is mandatory required to file income tax return.

    Is it mandatory for a non-resident deriving income from India to file ITR ?

    A non-resident is not required to file ITR if the income consists of dividend, interest or royalty or FTS u/s 115A(1)(b) of the Income Tax Act, 1961, and tax on such income has been withheld as per the provisions of Income Tax Act 1961. In case the non-resident has taxable income in addition to any of the above from India, then he has to file the ITR as per the Indian tax laws.

    Is it mandatory for the company to file ITR?

    ITR filing is mandatory for every company, whether the company earns profits or incurs loss.

    Which ITR form company is required to file ?

    Company is required to file Form ITR-6. However, companies which are claiming exemption u/s 11 can’t use Form ITR-6. Our income tax e filing consultants can assist you in chosing and filing correct ITR form.


    BLAMELESS Client1
    ASKOM client 2
    Integrity Client 3
    OTS Global ( IT Solutions Across Asia ) Client 4


    • International Tax Consultant

      International Taxation

      As an International Tax Consultants, we provide services for FDI, Inbound & Outbound Investment and Transfer Pricing

    • UAE Tax image

      UAE Tax Consultant

      As a UAE Tax Consultants, we provide services for UAE Corporate Tax, UAE Economic Substance regulations (ESR)

    • M&A Tax Services

      M&A Tax Consultant

      We enhance your corporate value by providing professional advice for M&A, foreign investment and corporate restructuring

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