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International Taxation Consultants in India.

International tax concept applied  where a tax resident of one country, earns income from another country, and both the country seek to tax such income. The international tax consultant can help taxpayers to ascertain the correct amount of taxes in both the countries so that there is no double taxation or excess tax paid in any of the country.






    International Tax Services offer by Sorting Tax

    circle 1 Tax/Status Determination

    Our international tax consultant can assist  you to determine right amount of tax, in respect of an income, which is earned by a tax resident of one country, from business operations, rendering of services, employment, capital gains, dividend, interest or any other income, in another country. Our income tax consultant can assist you to know the residential status of taxpayers and taxation thereon.

    circle 2 No PE Certificate

    No PE Certificate or No PE Declaration, is a certificate given by a non resident, who is deriving any income from India (which could be interest, Fee for Technical Services, Business Income etc.), which enables the Indian payor to with hold tax at a lower rate applicable to a particular income. The business tax consultant assists you in compliance with the No PE Certificate.

    circle 3 Tax Residency Certificate

    A Tax Residency Certificate (TRC), is a document issued by the tax authorities of the country of the Non-resident, affirming that the NR is a resident of that country for the tax year in question for DTAA applicability, and is eligible to claim the benefit of the Tax Treaty. Our corporate tax advisory assists you in review of the TRC.

    Tax Residency Certificate
    circle 4 Transfer Pricing

    Our Transfer Pricing consultant assists you in calculating the Arm’s length prices of goods and services provided to companies under common control. The tax advisor assists you in filing of Form 3CEB, Form 3CEAA,  Form 3CEAB , Form 3CEAC whichever are applicable and helps taxpayer to meet their Transfer Pricing obligation and ascertain correct amount of taxes, based on such arm’s length price.

    circle 5 Foreign Direct Investment

    Foreign Direct Investment in India or FDI in India, refers to investment in Indian companies by non-residents. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is considered as a major source of non-debt financial resources for economic development of a nation. There are various aspects involved in Foreign Direct Investment in India where our team can assist you, like sectors where investment can be made, condition and pricing on transfer, approval from Government of India and related  nuances .

    circle 6 Inbound Investment

    Investing in Indian companies or purchasing shares of Indian companies  by foreign and institutional investors is inbound investment. There are two permitted routes for Inbound investment, are as under:

    Automatic Route– Under this no permission is required from the Indian Government.

    Approval/Government Route – Under this permission is required from the Indian Government.

    circle 7 Outbound Investment

    Outbound Investment is the  investment of money in a particular instrument of a company outside India by an Indian company or an Indian resident individual . This is a business strategy where domestic businesses expand their operations to foreign countries. A merger or acquisition can also be considered as an outward direct investment.

    Why choose Sorting Tax for International Tax Service?

    Sorting Tax’s team works closely with you to understand the fact pattern and provide customized international tax solutions to cater to your specific needs. Our income tax consultant and international tax consultant plan work to meet deadlines and minimise any penalties on you for non-compliance with statutory requirements. Our income tax advisor and corporate tax advisors take care of your compliances, while you focus and grow your business.




    Section 155 and 244A of Income Tax Act – Budget 2023

    Section 155 and 244A of Income Tax Act - Budget


    Section 44BB and 44BBB of Income Tax Act – Budget 2023

    Section 44BB and 44BBB of Income Tax Act - Budget


    Section 142, 153 and 295 of Income Tax Act – Budget 2023

    Section 142, 153 and 295 of Income Tax Act -


    Section 241A, 244A and 245 of Income Tax Act – Budget 2023

    Section 241A, 244A and 245 of Income Tax Act -


    Section 170A of Income tax act – Budget 2023

    Section 170A of Income tax act - Budget 2023 -


    Section 54 and 54F of Income Tax Act – Budget 2023

    Section 54 and 54F of Income Tax Act - Budget


    Who is Non-Resident of India (NRI) ?

    Under the Indian tax laws, an individual’s income tax liability for a financial year is dependent on his residential status, which is based on the number of days of stay in India. As per Section 6 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 (‘the Act’), an individual is considered as a ‘Resident’ in India, if he satisfies either of the following basic conditions:

    Condition 1: He is present in India for 182 days or more during the current FY; or

    Condition 2: He is present in India for 60 days or more during the current FY and 365 days or more during the preceding 4 FYs.

    If both the above conditions are not satisfied, then the person is said to be a ‘Non-resident Indian’ (NRI).

    Who are Associated Enterprises (AE) in Transfer Pricing ?

    Associated enterprise of an enterprise can be through common control, common ownership or common management , either directly, indirectly or through common person.

    What is Arm’s Length Price ?

    Arm’s length price is the price which would be applied by two independent parties under independent conditions.

    The conditions under which the transaction has taken place, should not have been designed in a manner so that certain predetermined results (in terms of profits/loss of entities) .

    What is Transfer Pricing Report (Form 3CEB) and what is its due date of filing ?

    Assessee having international transactions between associated enterprises are compulsorily required to obtain an independent accountant’s report in Form 3CEB which is to be submitted online to the Income Tax department. Assessee in the Transfer Pricing Report (TP Report) requires that the international transactions have been carried out at Arm’s length.

    The due date to file TP report i.e., Form 3CEB is on or before 31st October following the relevant financial year.

    What is the importance of a Tax Residency Certificate ?

    Tax Residency Certificate is required y a non-resident to claim claim relief  under the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement between India and their country of residence.

    Which form is required to be filed for obtaining Tax Residency Certificate in India ?

    To obtain tax residency certificate in India, Form No. 10FA is required to be filed before the Assessing Officer (AO). It is to be noted that the application for a Tax Residency Certificate cannot be made online.


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