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TDS online payment


February 11, 2022


11 mins read

Who is required to make TDS payment ?

TDS Online Payment – Under the provisions of Income Tax Act, 1961, various person, who could be individuals, HUF, partnership firm, LLP, company or other forms of assessee , are required to deduct TDS from payments,  which may be made to various resident and non resident  recipients . Such payments can be in the nature of following expenditures, and are governed by the TDS provisions given in Section 192, 194 and Section 195 of the IT Act  : –

  • Salaries
  • Interest
  • Royalty or fee for Technical Services ;
  • Commission or brokerage
  • Any other payment chargeable to tax in the hands of the non resident.

TDS Online Payment Obligation  ?

Any person, who has deducted TDS is under an obligation to deposit such TDS with the Government or a designated bank account, within the period specified under the provisions of the Income Tax Act. Refer the end of this Blog on time limits for payment of TDS.

Website and Procedure for making TDS online payment


  1. Go to the website https://onlineservices.tin.egov-nsdl.com/etaxnew/tdsnontds.jsp
  2. On the left Hand Side, Go to the Section that mentions the following : – TDS/TCS – CHALLAN NO./ITNS 281 – Payment of TDS/TCS by Company or Non Company Deductee – Refer the Image Below – Click on Proceed
  3. On the next Window Screen , perform the following steps  (See Sample Image given below)

TDS online payment - image 1

Tax Applicable*  – (Tax Deducted/Collected At Source From)

  • Select –
  • Select – f the recipient is a person other than a company, i.e, individuals, HUF, partnership firm, LLP, company or other forms of assessee
    TDS online payment - image 2

Type of Payment*

Select, whether

  • Select –
  • Select – 
  • TDS online payment - image 3

Nature of Payment* –

Select relevant section in which TDS is deductible , for example if the payment is in the nature of interest on securities , Select 193 – Interest on Securities

Mode Of Payment *

Select whether payment is to be made through online Banking or Debit Card. The number of Banks available for online payment are higher compared to the Debit card payment bank, which can be only from the following Banks : –

  • Fill in the TAN number and Assessment Year for which the payment has to be made
  • Put in the details of the address, in which, the city, the state, and the relevant Pin code is mandatory. It is advisable to put in the EmailID and Phone number, even if these are not mandatory.

  • Verify the Captcha 
  •  Click  Proceed
  • Verify the details inputted in the Sheet, including specifically, the TAN, Entity name and Assessment Year. If you are fine with the details,
        • Click I agree
        • Submit to the Bank
      • Chose whether you are a Retail or Corporate User
      • Pay from the Bank as any other Payment and You are done


Time limit for deposit of TDS is under : –

Where the Payor is the Government

  • If TDS is deposited without Challan, TDS has to be deposited the same daySam
  • If TDS is deposited with  Challan, TDS has to be deposited, on or before 7th day, from the end of the month in which TDS  has been deducted On or before 7 days from end of the month

Where the Payor is the non Government agency

  • Who the amount is paid or credited in the month of March, TDS has to be deposited on or before April 30th;
  •   in any other case, on or before 7th day, from the end of the month in which TDS  has been deducted

TDS Online Payment – Which banks permit ?

Generally, all scheduled banks permit payment of TDS online. However in case of Indian branch of foreign bank, ok they are generally not authorised to collect taxes and therefore cannot connect TDS. However, search banks normally have arrangement with other banks through which they are able to deposit TDS for their clients but such a process is lengthy and takes 1-2 days.

TDS Online Payment – Days when Payment can be made online

Where TDS payment has to be made online, TDS can be deposited on any day and time of the week . However, in  case, the payment has to be made through a physical challan , it can generaly be made only on on the days when there is no banking holiday.

Essential Requirements

  • Bank account with online access to payment
  • Necessary data like TAN number, AY for which the tax act should be deposited,

Arinjay Jain

Bio of author

Arinjay is a Chartered Accountant with more than 20 years of post-qualification experience. He worked as Director, in the M&A Tax Division at KPMG in India. Presently, he is advising several MNCs in UAE on Economic Substance Regulations and impact of the UAE Corporate Tax Law on their business and clients across globe on International Tax issues . He is a well recognised Trainer of International Tax and UAE Corporate Tax. The areas of service include the following : - Advise and Compliance relating to International Tax Issues; Advise relating to UAE Corporate Tax Issues; Advise and Compliance relating to UAE Economic Substance Regulations; Advise and Compliance relating to Indian Income Tax Issues; Other connected matters from a Regulatory perspective.


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